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Polish Film Wint English Subtitles

Everyone has a problem with their family. Tomek and Ania finally decide to get married. The wedding - on Anna’s request - will take a place in the village, with Tomek's relatives which he hasn’t been in contact for a long time. It will turn out that his brothers and mother are like an Italian family – every single conversation threatens to quarrel, and from a great love to hate is sometimes only one step.

In addition, Anna’s mother , which comes to a wedding with a much younger partner, does not agree with the images of Tom's mother about the stable mother-in-law for her son.

There will be new problems in the life of wedding guests - Ola and Bogdan, whose marriage will be exposed to a difficult test by crawling Nicholas and Zośka, who only saw the Polish village just on Instagram before.

But the real spark under a tinderbox will be unexpectedly arrival of Tomek’s Father who haven’t been seen for years.