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“Planet Single 2”, one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year, is a sequel to the hit  millions  of  viewers  fell  in  love  with. Maciej  Stuhr  and  Agnieszka Więdłocha  as  the  couple  brought  together by a dating app are coming back  to  the silver screen in November 2018.  

The explosive married couple played by Weronika Książkiewicz and Tomasz Karolak, as well  as  the  marvellous  Danuta  Stenka,  Piotr  Głowacki  and  Joanna  Jarmołowicz,  will  also  make  their reappearances in the film.   What  will  the  new  “Planet  Single”  do  to  surprise  the  viewers?  Ania  (Agnieszka  Więdłocha) will not be a mousy conservative any more, and her mother (Danuta Stenka) will  go  through an even more spectacular metamorphosis.

Tomek  (Maciej Stuhr) will  return as  a cynical,  sarcastic  entertainer,  for  whom  love  is  still  a  relatively  new  experience.  Ola  (Weronika  Książkiewicz)  and  Bogdan  (Tomasz  Karolak),  too,  will  be  going  through  life  changes. “Planet Single 2” will also be inhabited by new characters: a mysterious Alexander  (Kamil Kula), a colourful stylist Kasia (Maffashion) and a rock’n’roller (Witold Paszt). Will our  hero manage  to  resist  the charms of Beata  (Izabella Miko)?