Plagi Breslau (2018) (TBC)

Plagi Breslau (2018)

Polish with English subtitles

There is a series of macabre killings, taking place in Wroclaw. Every day at 6 pm an unknown serial killer commits a crime. Policewoman Helena Rus (Malgorzata Kozuchowska) suspects that they are the work of the same man. When Helena's police partner, Bronson (Tomasz Oswiecinski) is seriously injured during the intervention, she decides to identify the murderer at any price. Along with the profiler from the Central Bureau of Investigation, Iwona Bogacka (Daria Widawska), who is delegated to this case, she conducts an investigation, which grounds must be sought in the 18th century history of the city. The women try to win the race against time and prevent further crimes.

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Thursday 29 Nov 201820:30 (Polish with English subtitles)
Friday 30 Nov 201820:30 (Polish with English subtitles)