Finding Dory 3D (U)

Finding Dory 3D
The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish begins a search for her long-lost parents, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.

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Ice Age: Collision Course 2D (U)

Ice Age: Collision Course 2D
Scrat's epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him outside of Earth, where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the planet. To save themselves from peril, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the herd leave their home and embark on a quest full of thrills and spills, highs and lows, laughter and adventure while traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.

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The BFG 3D (PG)

The BFG 3D
A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because unlike his peers refuses to eat boys and girls.

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The Secret Life of Pets 2D (U)

The Secret Life of Pets 2D
For one bustling Manhattan apartment building, the real day starts after the folks on two legs leave for work and school. That's when the pets of every stripe, fur and feather begin their own nine-to-five routine: hanging out with each other, trading humiliating stories about their owners, or auditioning adorable looks to get better snacks. The building's top dog, Max (voiced by Louis C.K.), a quick-witted terrier rescue who's convinced he sits at the centre of his owner's universe, finds his pampered life rocked when she brings home Duke (Eric Stonestreet), a sloppy, massive mess of a mongrel with zero interpersonal skills. When this reluctant canine duo finds themselves out on the mean streets of New York, they have to set aside their differences and unite against a fluffy-yet-cunning bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart), who's building an army of Ex-Pets abandoned by their owners and out to turn the tables on humanity…all before dinnertime.

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Angry Birds 2D (U)

Angry Birds 2D
In the 2D animated comedy, "The Angry Birds Movie," we'll finally find out why the birds are so angry. The movie takes us to an island populated entirely by happy, flightless birds - or almost entirely. In this paradise, Red (Jason Sudeikis), a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck (Josh Gad in his first animated role since "Frozen"), and the volatile Bomb (Danny McBride) have always been outsiders. But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies, it's up to these unlikely outcasts to figure out what the pigs are up to.

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Finding Dory 2D (U)

Finding Dory 2D
The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.

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Star Trek: Beyond 2D (12A)

Star Trek: Beyond 2D
The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.

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Jason Bourne (12A)

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne, now remembering who he truly is, tries to uncover hidden truths about his past.

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The BFG 2D (PG)

The BFG 2D
A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because unlike his peers refuses to eat boys and girls.

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Ghostbusters 2D (12A)

Ghostbusters 2D
30 years after Ghostbusters took the world by storm, the beloved franchise makes its long-awaited return. Director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today.

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Glyndebourne - Berlioz's Béatrice et Bénédict (12A LIVE)

Glyndebourne - Berlioz's Béatrice et Bénédict
Glyndebourne - Berlioz's Béatrice et Bénédict (Beatrice and Benedict) Love conquers all in Berlioz's sparkling take on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. From Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, to Hermione and Ron in the Harry Potter series, the age-old premise of verbal sparring to mask true feelings of love or passion is employed to magnificent effect in Berlioz's Béatrice et Bénédict. Berlioz selected the sunniest and funniest elements of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and set them to ravishing music to create this witty love-hate duel. The opera's overture explodes with a buoyant sense of fun and elegant wit and there are several splendid numbers for the female characters, especially the sublime Act I duet-nocturne, described by one critic as a 'marvel of indescribable lyrical beauty'. Conducted by Robin Ticciati and seen through the unique vision of director Laurent Pelly, Berlioz's comic gem makes its long-awaited Glyndebourne premiere in Festival 2016. With the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Glyndebourne Chorus. Sung in French with English subtitles. Part of the Shakespeare400 celebrations, live from Glyndebourne's 2016 Festival.

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Tuesday 9 Aug 201618:30

Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet (12A LIVE)

Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet
Reuniting the stars of his celebrated film of Cinderella, Kenneth Branagh directs Richard Madden and Lily James as Romeo and Juliet and Derek Jacobi as Mercutio, in Shakespeare's heartbreaking tale of forbidden love.

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Sunday 14 Aug 201617:15 (Encore Performance)

National Theatres Live - The Deep Blue Sea (12A)

National Theatres Live - The Deep Blue Sea
Helen McCrory (Medea and The Last of the Haussmans at the National Theatre, Penny Dreadful, Peaky Blinders) returns to the National Theatre in Terence Rattigan's devastating masterpiece, playing one of the greatest female roles in contemporary drama. Tom Burke (War and Peace, The Musketeers) also features in Carrie Cracknell's critically acclaimed new production.

A flat in Ladbroke Grove, West London. 1952. When Hester Collyer is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her tempestuous affair with a former RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court judge begins to emerge. With it comes a portrait of need, loneliness and long-repressed passion. Behind the fragile veneer of post-war civility burns a brutal sense of loss and longing.

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Thursday 1 Sep 201619:00

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years (12A LIVE)

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years
February 9th, 1964, 8:12pm EST - after a brief commercial break, four young men from Liverpool step onto the Ed Sullivan stage, changing culture forever.

Seventy-three million people watched The Beatles perform that night, the largest audience in television history. But it is what the band did next that would introduce them to the entire world, permanently transforming the music industry and forever engraining them into the fabric of popular culture... They went on tour.

By the time the band quit touring in August of 1966, they had performed 166 concerts in 15 countries and 90 cities around the world. The cultural phenomenon their touring helped create, known as "Beatlemania," was something the world had never seen before and, arguably, hasn't since.

This is the not-to-missed story of the band's exceptional touring years - an intimate portrait of the band, and a behind-the-scenes look at The Beatles on tour. Exploring the effect it had on their relationships, as well as their musical evolution, and looking at how they transformed the world of music, the film features interviews, unheard music and exclusive concert footage from the biggest band of all time.

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Sunday 11 Sep 201618:00

Turandot on Sydney Harbour (12A LIVE)

Turandot on Sydney Harbour

In 2016, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour presents Turandot: a story of a death-marked love told with salt in the air, light on the sails and the city skyline reflected in your glass. It's the best of Sydney in a single evening: singing, sunsets and sparkling wine, in perfect harmony. Join us at the water's edge in a pop-up opera house with purpose-built bars, restaurants and a grandstand under the stars. Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng's take on this Chinese fable will be one for the history books.

Turandot is a beautiful and powerful princess, who challenges her many suitors to answer three riddles on pain of death. No one has ever succeeded. Caláf is a brave prince from a foreign land, who falls instantly in love with the princess. Despite the wishes of his exiled father and the pleas of a slave-girl who loves him, he rings the gong and declares his love for the princess. She presents her riddles, and in triumph, the unknown prince answers. Turandot despairs and the prince takes pity - offering the ice-cold princess a riddle of his own. But Caláf's riddle risks more than his own life - everyone else's hangs in the balance.

Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes including a 15 minute interval. Performed in Italian with English translations

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Thursday 15 Sep 201619:30

National Theatres Live - The Threepenny Opera (15)

National Theatres Live - The Threepenny Opera
Mack the Knife is back in town.

A darkly comic new take on Brecht and Weill's raucous musical broadcast live from the stage of the National Theatre.

London scrubs up for the coronation. The thieves are on the make, the whores on the pull, the police cutting deals to keep it all out of sight. Mr and Mrs

Peachum are looking forward to a bumper day in the beggary business, but their daughter didn't come home last night and it's all about to kick off… With Olivier Award-winner Rory Kinnear (Hamlet, Othello, James Bond) as Macheath, alongside Rosalie Craig (As You Like It, My Family and other Animals) as Polly Peachum and Haydn Gwynne (The Windsors, Drop the Dead Donkey) as Mrs Peachum.

This bold, anarchic production is brought to you by a creative powerhouse: adapted by Simon Stephens (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), and directed by Rufus Norris (Everyman, London Road).

Contains scenes of a sexual nature, violence and filthy language.

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Thursday 22 Sep 201619:00

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Norma (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Norma

This new production of Norma for The Royal Opera is distinguished by a superlative cast of internationally renowned singers. Bellini's classic bel canto opera is full of wonderful melodies and opportunities for star singing. But it is especially known for Norma's stunning showpiece aria, 'Casta diva'. Àlex Ollé of innovative Catalan theatre group La Fura dels Baus directs, bringing a modern edge to this timeless tale of love, rivalry and betrayal, set against a backdrop of war driven by the extremes of a fanatically religious society.

Royal Opera Music Director Antonio Pappano conducts this stunning cast, including Joseph Calleja as Norma's secret lover, Pollione and Sonia Ganassi as the priestess Adalgisa, in a striking new production, which opens the 2016/17 Season.


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Monday 26 Sep 201619:15
Sunday 2 Oct 201614:00 (Encore)

Royal Shakespeare Company Cymbeline (12A LIVE)

Royal Shakespeare Company Cymbeline
Cymbeline is ruler of a divided Britain. When Innogen, the only living heir, marries her sweetheart in secret, an enraged Cymbeline banishes him. Distracted by Innogen's marriage Cymbeline is blind to the actions of a powerful figure behind the throne who is plotting to seize power by murdering them both.

In exile Innogen's husband is tricked into believing she has been unfaithful to him and in an act of impulsive jealously begins a scheme to have her murdered. Warned of the danger, Innogen runs away from court in disguise on a journey fraught with danger that will eventually reunite Cymbeline with a lost heir and reconcile the young lovers.

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Wednesday 28 Sep 201619:00
Thursday 29 Sep 201614:00

The Australian Ballet : The Sleeping Beauty (12A LIVE)

The Australian Ballet : The Sleeping Beauty
Young Aurora is cursed by the evil fairy as a child - she will sleep for 100 years on her 16th birthday until her one true loves wakes her with a kiss...

David McAllister's The Sleeping Beauty is a brand new production of everyone's favourite fairy tale. Never seen-before in cinemas, this landmark ballet has been described as the world's most extravagant ballet, featuring imaginative and lavish sets and costumes by world-renowned designer Gabriela Tylesova.

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Tuesday 4 Oct 201619:30

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Tristan and Isolde (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Tristan and Isolde
Tristan und Isolde opens the Met season in a new production by Mariusz Treli?ski (the director responsible for last season's double bill of Iolanta and Bluebeard's Castle), and will be well served by a cast of outstanding Wagnerians: Nina Stemme as Isolde, Stuart Skelton as Tristan, Ekaterina Gubanova as Brangäne, and René Pape as King Marke, with Sir Simon Rattle conducting, in one of his rare appearances at the Met.

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Saturday 8 Oct 201617:00

Royal Shakespeare Company King Lear (12A LIVE)

Royal Shakespeare Company  King Lear
King Lear has ruled for many years. As age begins to overtake him, he decides to divide his kingdom amongst his children, living out his days without the burden of power.

A proud man, he allows vanity to cloud his judgment, believing that he can relinquish the crown, but enjoy the same authority and respect he has always known. Misjudging his children’s loyalty he soon finds himself stripped of all the trappings of state, wealth and power he had taken for granted.

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Wednesday 12 Oct 201619:00
Thursday 13 Oct 201614:00

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: The Golden Age (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: The Golden Age
In a seaside town where business and the Mafia are flourishing, the Golden Age cabaret is the favourite nightly haunt of dancers, bandits and young revellers. The young fisherman Boris falls in love with Rita, a beautiful dancer, but she is also the friend of a local gangster…

A satire on Europe during the Roaring '20s, The Golden Age makes for an original, colourful and dazzling show with its jazzy score and music-hall atmosphere. This ballet - which can only be seen at the Bolshoi - has everything: mad rhythms, vigorous chase scenes and decadent cabaret numbers. With this passionate love story featuring beautiful duets between Boris and Rita, the Bolshoi dancers plunge magnificently into every stylised step and gesture.

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Sunday 16 Oct 201616:00

Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary Performance (12A)

Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary Performance
The legendary Miss Saigon, in cinemas for one night only. This spectacular, sell-out 25th Anniversary Gala Performance of the global stage sensation also features appearances by the original cast including Jonathan Pryce and Lea Salonga. This acclaimed new production was described as "the most thrilling, soaring and emotionally stirring musical with magnificent performances" by the Daily Telegraph and "the greatest musical of all time" by the Daily Mail. The epic love story tells the tragic tale of young bar girl Kim, orphaned by war, who falls in love with American GI Chris - but their lives are torn apart by the fall of Saigon.

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Sunday 16 Oct 201618:30

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Cosi Fan Tutte (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Cosi Fan Tutte
Cosi Fan Tutte

How much do you love your partner? How much do you trust them? And can they trust you? Mozart's classic opera Così fan tutte puts two pairs of lovers to the test - with great music but distinctly unexpected results.

For this new production, director Jan Philipp Gloger creates a richly theatrical world as the playground for this quirky comedy, where two men try to woo each other's partners for a bet. Don Alfonso - the puppet master of this experiment in love - is here a theatre director who uses all the sets, props and tricks of his trade to invent new scenes to challenge the lovers' affections. This lively, youthful and imaginative take on one of the world's best-loved operas is performed by a cast of rising stars conducted by Semyon Bychkov.


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Monday 17 Oct 201618:30
Sunday 23 Oct 201614:00 (Encore)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Don Giovanni (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Don Giovanni
Three charismatic singers, Simon Keenlyside, Ildar Abdrazakov, and Mariusz Kwiecien, share the role of the title hero, who goes to hell in a dazzling coup de théâtre. The ensemble of great Mozartean singers includes Isabel Leonard, Angela Meade, Matthew Polenzani, Marina Rebeka, Erwin Schrott, Ramón Vargas, and RolandoVillazón. Fabio Luisi and Plácido Domingo conduct.

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Saturday 22 Oct 201617:55

Branagh Theatre Live: The Entertainer (12A)

Branagh Theatre Live: The Entertainer
Set against the backdrop of post-war Britain, John Osborne?s modern classic conjures the seedy glamour of the old music halls for an explosive examination of public masks and private torment. Rob Ashford directs Kenneth Branagh as Archie Rice, with John Hurt as Billy Rice in the final production for Plays at the Garrick season.

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Thursday 27 Oct 201619:15

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - Anastasia (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - Anastasia

An identity in crisis; a country in revolution. Anastasia is a ballet about one of the great historical mysteries of the 20th century, only recently solved. At the height of the Russian Revolution the royal family were executed, but afterwards a young woman appeared - apparently a surviving royal princess, the Grand

Duchess Anastasia. Known as 'Anna Anderson', she couldn't remember her past and she was presumed to be an imposter. Many wanted to forget the massacre and the Revolution; many believed, or hoped, that a princess could have survived, a remnant of the old world.

One of Kenneth MacMillan's first creations on becoming Director of The Royal Ballet in 1970, Anastasia is a dramatic and haunting exploration of Anna's nightmare of memory and identity. To music by Tchaikovsky and Martin?, we follow the events leading to the murder of a family, and Anna's confused dreams - or memories. A powerful, psychological challenge for the principal ballerina, this is a rare opportunity to see a landmark ballet by a major choreographer.

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Wednesday 2 Nov 201619:15
Sunday 6 Nov 201614:00 (Encore)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (15)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Following its smash-hit live broadcast in 2012, the National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time returns to cinemas. Based on the acclaimed novel by Mark Haddon, adapted by Simon Stephens and directed by Marianne Elliott, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has been hailed by The Times as 'a phenomenal combination of storytelling and spectacle'. Winner of 7 Olivier Awards in 2013, including Best New Play. Christopher, fifteen years old, has an extraordinary brain - exceptional at maths while ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. When he falls under suspicion of killing Mrs Shears' dog Wellington, he records each fact about the event in the book he is writing to solve the mystery of the murder. But his detective work, forbidden by his father, takes him on a frightening journey that upturns his world.

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Thursday 3 Nov 201618:30
Monday 7 Nov 201618:30

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: A Bright Stream (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: A Bright Stream
During harvest festival on a collective farm, a visiting dance troupe reunites a ballerina with her childhood friend, Zina. In order to teach her unfaithful husband a lesson, Zina, the ballerina and the ballerina's husband decide to swap roles for the evening…

Alexei Ratmansky invokes the genius of Shostakovich's score, creating a laugh-out-loud masterpiece with slapstick comedy, hilarious deceptions, false identities (including Principal Dancer Ruslan Skvortsov dressed as a sylph) and many colourful characters! The Bolshoi bursts with vivid life and bright spirits in Ratmansky's brilliantly choreographed smash.

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Sunday 6 Nov 201615:00

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Les Contes D'Hoffmann (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Les Contes D'Hoffmann
Les Contes D'Hoffmann

The Royal Opera's lavish production of Les Contes d'Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann), Offenbach's masterpiece, is a favourite with audiences. Created by Academy Award-winning film director John Schlesinger, this production brings alive a 19th-century world of romance, comedy, mystery and menace.

At the centre of these extraordinary tales of clockwork dolls, magical glasses, ghostly voices and sensual courtesans is the vivid imagination of the drunken Romantic poet Hoffmann. Charismatic young tenor Vittorio Grigolo is Hoffmann - compelled to tell the story of his lovers who, he believes, have all been stolen by a succession of arch villains. Superb baritone Thomas Hampson performs all four villains. The music includes the famous 'Barcarolle' and the stunning showpiece numbers are perfect vehicles for the vocal virtuosity of Sofia Fomina as the clockwork doll Olympia, Christine Rice as the courtesan Giulietta, and Sonya Yoncheva as Hoffmann's last love Antonia.


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Tuesday 15 Nov 201618:15
Sunday 20 Nov 201614:00 (Encore)

Christmas with André, a festive celebration (12A LIVE)

Christmas with André, a festive celebration
Christmas with André, a festive celebration, features an 80 minute recorded Christmas concert, packed with Christmas favourites including Hallelujah, Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Amazing Grace and many more!

Exclusively for cinemas, André invites his fans to his hometown with an intimate live tour of Maastricht's magical Christmas highlights, as well as participating in an interactive Q&A hosted by Charlotte Hawkins.

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Saturday 19 Nov 201617:00

The Australian Ballet: Cinderella (12A LIVE)

The Australian Ballet: Cinderella
Cinderella attends the King's Ball - despite her evil stepsisters - thanks to her fairy godmother. She meets the handsome Prince, who travels the kingdom with her glass slipper to find her, his one true love.

This award-winning, critically acclaimed production was created by Alexei Ratmansky, one of the world's most sought after choreographers, with extraordinary designs by Jerome Kaplan.

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Wednesday 23 Nov 201619:30

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - The Nutcracker (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker

The Royal Ballet's glorious production of The Nutcracker, created by Peter Wrightin 1984, is the production par excellence of an all-time ballet favourite. It is Christmas Eve and Drosselmeyer the magician sweeps young Clara away on a fantasy adventure in which time is suspended, the family living-room becomes a great battlefield, and a magical journey takes them through the Land of Snow to the Kingdom of Sweets.

Tchaikovsky's glittering score, the gorgeous festive stage designs and The Royal Ballet's captivating dancing - including an exquisite pas de deuxbetween the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince - make this Nutcracker the quintessential Christmas experience.


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Thursday 8 Dec 201619:15
Sunday 11 Dec 201614:00 (Encore)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: L'Amour de Loin (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: L'Amour de Loin
Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho's breakthrough opera was described by the New York Times as "transfixing…a lushly beautiful score." Commissioned by the Salzburg Festival, where it was first seen in 2000, it will now finally have its Metropolitan Opera premiere in a dazzling new production by Robert Lepage, featuring glimmering ribbons of LED lights that extend across the length of the stage and over the orchestra pit. Eric Owens is the knight on a quest of love and Susanna Phillips is his lover on the other side of the sea. Conductor Susanna Mälkki makes her Met debut.

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Saturday 10 Dec 201617:55

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: The Nutcracker (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: The Nutcracker
On Christmas Eve, Marie's wooden nutcracker doll is transformed into a beautiful prince who takes her on a magical journey. Before they leave, they must confront the Mouse King, whose army is threatening Marie…

Christmas would not be complete without the enchanting tale of young Marie and her nutcracker prince! Danced by the Bolshoi's principals, Russian ballet master Yuri Grigorovich's staging of E. T. A. Hoffmann's fairy tale will transport children and adults alike to a world of magic and wonder for the holiday season.

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Sunday 18 Dec 201615:00

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Nabucco (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Nabucco
The legendary Plácido Domingo brings another new baritone role to the Met under the baton of his longtime collaborator James Levine. Liudmyla Monastyrska is Abigaille, the warrior woman determined to rule empires, and Jamie Barton is the heroic Fenena. Dmitri Belosselskiy is the stentorian voice of the oppressed Hebrew people.

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Saturday 7 Jan 201717:55

RSC Live: The Tempest (12A LIVE)

RSC Live: The Tempest
On a distant island a man waits.

Robbed of his position, power and wealth, his enemies have left him in isolation. But this is no ordinary man, and this no ordinary island. Prospero is a magician, able to control the very elements and bend nature to his will. When a sail appears on the horizon, he reaches out across the ocean to the ship that carries the men who wronged him. Creating a vast magical storm he wrecks the ship and washes his enemies up on the shore. When they wake they find themselves lost on a fantastical island where nothing is as it seems.

In a unique partnership with Intel, we will be using today's most advanced technology in a bold reimagining of Shakespeare's magical play, creating an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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Wednesday 11 Jan 201719:00

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Romeo et Juliette (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Romeo et Juliette
When Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo starred opposite each other in Manon at the Met in 2015, the New York Times said, "the temperature rises nearly to boiling every time Damrau and Grigolo are on stage together." Now they're back as opera's classic lovers, in Gounod's lush Shakespeare adaptation. The production, by director Bartlett Sher, has already won acclaim for its vivid 18th-century milieu and stunning costumes during runs at Salzburg and La Scala. Gianandrea Noseda conducts the sumptuous score.

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Saturday 21 Jan 201717:55

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: The Sleeping Beauty (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: The Sleeping Beauty
On her 16th birthday, a curse by the evil Carabosse causes the beautiful Princess Aurora to fall into a deep slumber for 100 years. Only the kiss of a prince can awaken her…

In this resplendent and magical classic, the Bolshoi dancers take us on a dreamlike journey through the famous fairy tale, complete with jewel fairies, a magical kingdom, a youthful princess and a handsome prince. In the purest style of classical ballet, the Bolshoi's peerlessly sumptuous staging with luxurious sets and costumes brings Perrault's tale to life. A must-see!

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Sunday 22 Jan 201715:00

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - IL Trovatore (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - IL Trovatore
Il Trovatore

International superstars Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Anita Rachvelishvili, Lianna Haroutounian and Gregory Kunde lead a superb cast of world-class singers in this Verdi classic. Il trovatore is one of the great operas of the Romantic period, a story of passion and blood, love and vengeance, disaster and murder.New in the 2015/16 Season, this atmospheric and poetic staging by director David Bösch puts the story of passion against the backdrop of war.

Fire and snow in the landscape echo the cruelty and love of the story: soldiers and gypsies clash, a mother reveals a terrible secret and two men are engaged in a deadly fight for one woman. The famous Anvil Chorus is just one of the highlights of Verdi's exceptionally fine music, which captures the shifting emotions of the drama through impassioned love duets, fiery solos and stirring choruses.


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Tuesday 31 Jan 201719:15
Sunday 5 Feb 201714:00 (Encore)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: Swan Lake (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: Swan Lake
By moonlight on the shore of a mysterious lake, Prince Siegfried meets the bewitched swan-woman Odette. Completely spellbound by her beauty, he swears his love to her. However, the Prince realises too late that Fate has another plan for him….

A ballet of ultimate beauty, and a score of unparalleled perfection, born at the Bolshoi in 1877. In the dual role of the white swan Odette and her rival black swan Odile, prima ballerina Svetlana Zakharova exudes both vulnerability and cunning through superb technical mastery, alongside Denis Rodkin as a powerful and emotional Siegfried. Including breathtaking scenes with the Bolshoi's corps de ballet, this is classical ballet at its finest.

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Sunday 5 Feb 201715:00

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - Woolf Works (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - Woolf Works
Woolf Works

The pioneering literary work of Virginia Woolf is the inspiration for multi-award-winning choreographer Wayne McGregor's brilliant triptych for The Royal Ballet. McGregor has long been at the cutting edge of ballet, working with collaborators from across the artistic world, and in this critically acclaimed work he combines themes from three of Woolf's landmark novels - Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves - with elements of her letters, essays and diaries. Acclaimed British composer Max Richter (Infra, Sum and Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons) creates a specially commissioned score incorporating electronic and live music.


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Wednesday 8 Feb 201719:15
Sunday 12 Feb 201714:00 (Encore)

Exhibition on Screen - I, Claude Monet (12A LIVE)

Exhibition on Screen - I, Claude Monet
In this striking film from award-winning director Phil Grabsky, we take a new look at arguably the world's favourite artist - through his own words. Using letters and other private writings I, Claude Monet reveals new insight into the man who not only painted the picture that gave birth to impressionism but who was perhaps the most influential and successful painter of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Tuesday 21 Feb 201718:30
Monday 27 Feb 201718:30

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Rusalka (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Rusalka
Kristine Opolais stars in the role that helped launch her international career, the mythical Rusalka, who sings the haunting "Song to the Moon." Mary Zimmerman brings her wondrous theatrical imagination to Dvo?ák's fairytale of love and longing, rejection and redemption. Brandon Jovanovich, Jamie Barton, Katarina Dalayman, and Eric Owens complete the all-star cast, and Mark Elder conducts.

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Saturday 25 Feb 201717:55

ROH - Live Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - The Sleeping Beauty (12A LIVE)

ROH - Live Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - The Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty

A perennial delight and a much-loved classic, The Royal Ballet's The Sleeping Beauty combines the best of classical ballet, with all its charms and virtuosity, splendid music and talented dancers.First choreographed to Tchaikovsky's great musical score by Marius Petipa in Russia in 1890, The Sleeping Beauty has wonderful ensembles, solos including the Rose Adage as Princess Aurora meets her suitors, and of course the concluding celebratory dances for the happy union of prince and princess.

The Royal Ballet's landmark staging was revived for the Company's 75th anniversary celebrations in 2006.The designs by Oliver Messell, one of the greatest stage designers of the 20th century, were restored and updated for this production by Peter Farmer. The rich evocations of the baroque opulence of a royal court, the panoramic journey of the prince to the overgrown castle and the colourful characters in this famous fairytale make this Sleeping Beauty a spectacle like no other.


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Tuesday 28 Feb 201719:00
Sunday 5 Mar 201714:00 (Encore)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: La Traviata (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: La Traviata
Sonya Yoncheva sings one of opera's most beloved heroines, the tragic courtesan Violetta, a role in which she triumphed on the Met stage in 2015, opposite Michael Fabiano as her lover, Alfredo, and Thomas Hampson as his father, Germont. Carmen Giannattasio sings later performances of the title role opposite Atalla Ayan, with the great Plácido Domingo as Germont. Nicola Luisotti conducts.

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Saturday 11 Mar 201717:55

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: A Contemporary Evening (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: A Contemporary Evening
For one evening, the Bolshoi takes on a bold new challenge in Hans Van Manen's Frank Bridge's Variations, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot's Short Time Together and Alexei Ratmansky's Russian Seasons. This encounter between some of the best dancers in the world and the masters of contemporary choreography results in an outstanding synthesis, raising Van Manen's formal beauty, León and Lightfoot's intensity, and Ratmansky's witty brilliance to a new level.

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Sunday 19 Mar 201715:00

Exhibition on Screen - The Artists Garden American Impressionism (12A LIVE)

Exhibition on Screen - The Artists Garden American Impressionism
Following the smash hit Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse from Season 3 comes a new film based on the hugely popular exhibition 'The Artist's Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement, 1887-1920' from the Florence Griswold Museum in Connecticut, widely considered a home of American Impressionism.

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Tuesday 21 Mar 201718:30
Monday 27 Mar 201718:30

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Idomeneo (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Idomeneo
Mozart's first operatic masterpiece returns to the Met in the classic Jean-Pierre Ponnelle production, conducted by Music Director James Levine. The superb ensemble includes Matthew Polenzani as the king torn by a rash vow; mezzo-soprano Alice Coote in the trouser role of his noble son Idamante; soprano Nadine Sierra as Ilia; and soprano Elza van den Heever as the volatile Elettra, who loves Idamante to the bounds of madness.

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Saturday 25 Mar 201716:55

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Madam Butterfly (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Madam Butterfly
Madama Butterfly

Puccini's Madama Butterfly is one of the most popular of all operas, with ravishing music and a heartbreaking story of a loving geisha deserted by a callous American husband. Much-loved soprano Ermonela Jaho sings the title role for the first time at Covent Garden, in Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier's stunningly beautiful production. The exotic imagery of the Nagasaki setting is drawn from 19th-century Western artists' romanticized views of Japan. Puccini's music brings alive the birdsong of the morning, the ritual of a wedding and the seduction by naval officer B.F. Pinkerton (sung by exciting young tenor Marcelo Puente) of his young, innocent bride.

Well known moments include the impassioned aria 'Un bel dì' (One fine day) as the abandoned Cio-Cio-San clings vainly to her dreams.Royal Opera Music Director Antonio Pappano, acclaimed for his interpretations of Italian opera, conducts this intense and gripping journey from light and excitement to darkness and self-sacrifice.


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Thursday 30 Mar 201719:15
Sunday 2 Apr 201714:00 (Encore)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: A Hero Of Our Time (12A LIVE)

Bolshoi Ballet 2016 - 17: A Hero Of Our Time
Pechorin, a young officer, embarks on a journey across the majestic mountains of the Caucasus, on a path set by his passions. Disillusioned and careless, he inflicts pain upon himself and the women around him…

"Give me everything, it is still not enough." This story based on the larger-than-life hero Pechorin is adapted from Mikhail Lermontov's literary masterpiece, three separate tales recounting Pechorin's heartbreaking betrayals. Is he a real hero? Or is he just a man like any other? This brand new production by choreographer Yuri Possokhov is a tragic poetic journey that can only be seen at the Bolshoi.

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Sunday 9 Apr 201716:00

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - Jewels (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - Jewels

George Balanchine's evocation of the sparkle of emeralds, rubies and diamonds is a brilliant ballet classic. The French Romantic music of Fauréprovides the impetus for the subtlety and lyricism of 'Emeralds', while the fire of 'Rubies' comes from Stravinskyand the jazz-age energy of New York. Grandeur and elegance complete the ballet with the splendour of Imperial Russia and the peerless music of Tchaikovsky in 'Diamonds'.

Jewels is a masterclass in the many luminous facets of classical ballet and indeed of The Royal Ballet itself: the virtuoso choreography of Balanchine, the intensity of the soloists and the precision of the entire Company

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Tuesday 11 Apr 201719:15
Sunday 16 Apr 201714:00 (Encore)

The Australian Ballet: Coppélia (12A LIVE)

The Australian Ballet: Coppélia
Swanilda and Franz are in love... until a beautiful stranger appears in town. But Dr Coppelius' haughty daughter is not what she seems, and Swanilda must rescue Franz from the magician's sinister doll-filled lair - with the help of some fancy footwork!

With its world premiere in cinemas in 2017, Coppélia is a sparkling tale of magic and mischief, re-imagined by founding Artistic Director Peggy van Praagh and Theatre Director George Ogilvie.

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Wednesday 19 Apr 201719:30

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Eugene Onegin (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Eugene Onegin
Tchaikovsky's setting of Pushkin's timeless verse novel is presented on the Met stage in Deborah Warner's moving production, starring Anna Netrebko and Dmitri Hvorostovsky as Tatiana and Onegin. Alexey Dolgov sings the role of Lenski, and Robin Ticciati conducts.

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Saturday 22 Apr 201717:55

Exhibition on Screen - Hockney: Landscape Portraits & Still Life (12A LIVE)

Exhibition on Screen - Hockney: Landscape Portraits & Still Life
David Hockney continues to innovate and excite on a global scale. One of Britain's greatest living painters, his works feature in major collections all over the world including the MET, MoMA, Pompidou, Tate and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Two blockbuster exhibitions from the Royal Academy of Arts London, 'Landscapes' and 'Portraits and a Still Life', provide the backbone to this revealing film celebrating a unique and cutting edge talent. Both were sold out sensations and EXHIBITION ON SCREEN secured unlimited access.

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Tuesday 9 May 201718:30
Tuesday 16 May 201718:30

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Der Rosenkavalier (12A)

MET Opera 2016 - 17 Season: Der Rosenkavalier
The dream cast of Renée Fleming as the Marschallin and El?na Garan?a as Octavian star in Strauss's grandest opera. In his new production, Robert Carsen, the director behind the Met's recent Falstaff, places the action at the end of the Habsburg Empire, underscoring the opera's subtext of class and conflict against a rich backdrop of gilt and red damask, in a staging that also stars Günther Groissböck as Baron Ochs. Sebastian Weigle conducts the sparklingly perfect score.

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Saturday 13 May 201717:30

ROH Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - The Dream/symphonic Variatio (12A LIVE)

ROH Royal Ballet 2016 - 17 Season - The Dream/symphonic Variatio
The Dream / Symphonic Variations / Marguerite and Armand

This gorgeous mixed programme demonstrates the great creative vision of Frederick Ashton, Founder Choreographer of The Royal Ballet. The Dream is Ashton's adaptation of Shakespeare's riotous comedy in which a forest sprite plays havoc, armed with a love potion. Symphonic Variations was Ashton's first work after World War II, and one of the Company's first to be performed on the huge main stage of the Royal Opera House, in 1946.

With six dancers performing a series of quartets, duets, sextets and solos to Franck's brooding Variations symphoniques, this seminal masterpiece celebrates the pure beauty of movement. Marguerite and Armand is Ashton's beautiful and emotional retelling of a well-known story, familiar to us through Verdi's opera La traviata. Ashton famously created this poignant ballet on Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev in 1963.


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Wednesday 7 Jun 201719:15
Sunday 11 Jun 201714:00 (Encore)

Exhibition on Screen - Michelangelo Love & Death (12A LIVE)

Exhibition on Screen - Michelangelo Love & Death
To coincide with a glorious new exhibition at the National Gallery of London, this film offers a full and fresh biography of Michelangelo who, with Leonardo, is considered one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance - and perhaps of all time. This film explores his relationship with his contemporaries and his immense artistic practice which included painting, sculpture and architecture. Not least the universally adored David in Florence, the Sistine Chapel in Rome and the Manchester Madonna (today at the National Gallery). This major new film goes to the heart of just who was this tempestuous, passionate but much loved genius.

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Tuesday 13 Jun 201718:30
Monday 19 Jun 201718:30

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Otello (12A LIVE)

ROH - Royal Opera 2016 - 17 Season - Otello

World-famous tenor Jonas Kaufmann makes his role debut as Otello in Verdi's passionate retelling of Shakespeare's great tragedy of jealousy, deception and murder. Soprano Maria Agresta will be his Desdemona and baritone Ludovic Tézier his nemesis Iago in a new production by Olivier Award-winning director Keith Warner.

A major work of the opera repertory, Verdi's Otello draws on the full forces of the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, the Royal Opera Chorus and this stellar line-up of principal singers, with exquisite duets, emotionally potent solo numbers and thrilling choruses. Particular highlights include Otello and Desdemona's rapturous love duet and Desdemona's poignant 'Willow Song'. Royal Opera Music Director Antonio Pappano conducts this Italian masterpiece.


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Wednesday 28 Jun 201719:15
Sunday 2 Jul 201714:00 (Encore)